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Our Services

INPARTNERS GROUP renders complete legal and professional services, especially for business subjects, in the field of intellectual property, commercial, civil, labour, family and criminal law. The services are provided in foreign languages as well.
INPARTNERS GROUP specializes particularly in provision of services related to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property and related rights, mainly in the following areas:
  • copyright and related rights
  • software and its protection
  • patents, inventions
  • utility models
  • industrial designs
  • topography of semiconductor products
  • plant varieties law
  • trademarks
  • appellations of origin and geographical indications
  • trade names
  • domain names
  • unfair competition
  • trade secret
  • know-how
  • confidential information
  • protection of good reputation
  • personality protection
  • personal data protection
  • media law and publicity
  • legal audit of intellectual property
  • arbitration and mediation of intellectual property disputes
  • licensing
  • intellectual property management

INPARTNERS GROUP also provides trainings in the field of business protection and development of intellectual property.

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