INPARTNERS GROUP is a network of mutually collaborating independent Czech and Slovak patent attorneys and advocates with long-time practice.

INPARTNERS GROUP was founded by Leopold Dadej, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Dušan Kendereški, Josef Majetič († 2006) and Eugen Záthurecký in 2002. Other active members are: Simona Hejdová, Ivo Telec, Radim Charvát, Ivan Lukšíček, Zbyněk Hajn, Petra Ščasná, Michal Jordán and Romana Záthurecká. The members actively collaborate with many national and international organizations in the field of intellectual property.

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Some members of INPARTNERS GROUP acted under the common name of DADEJ GHEORGHIU KENDEREŠKI until the end of 2006.