Mgr. Petra Veruňáková, advokát

JUDr. Petra Veruňáková

In her practice, Petra focuses mainly on civil law with an emphasis on family law and protection of personality. Petra also has extensive experience in the field of labor law, where she prepares labor law documents as well as in litigation and representing clients in court. Another area in which Petra provides her legal services is the area of criminal law, both representation of victims in adhesion proceedings and defense of clients from either natural or legal persons. In November 2010, she successfully defended her rigorous thesis on the topic of Invasion of the Right to Privacy Caused by a Traffic Accident at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, thus obtaining the right to use the title of JUDr. She currently continues her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in the field of private law (civil law), where once again her focus is on the topic of personality protection in the provision of health care. She has been working as a freelance lawyer since January 2012. Petra is also a registered mediator and is therefore able to offer you her experience in out-of-court settlement of your disputes. Clients especially appreciate her humane approach and her effort to find a solution tailored to their needs.

Professional Authorization:

Attorney at law, registered mediator

Years of practice:

8 years


civil law, family law, criminal law


Czech, Slovak, English, German

Membership in professional organizations:

Czech Bar Association


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