Mgr. Michal Poljak, Pattent attorney

Mgr. Michal Poljak

Michal has found his passion in inventions and knows how important it is to protect and develop your ideas since the very exclamation “Heuréka!”. From a solid foundation of studies and research in organic chemistry at Masaryk university in Brno, he draws his scientific perseverance, academic rigor and will not to give up. With eight years of experience as a patent attorney assistant, one year of experience at the European Patent Office, and after graduating from the Industrial property training institute, he became a registered patent attorney for inventions before the Industrial Property Office in Czechia. He is currently pursuing the same before the European Patent Office after a thorough preparation for the European qualifying examination (EQE) under experienced guidance. He is also continuously educated in Czech, European and international patent law. It will be him who will draft a patent application for you in virtually any technical field and will expertly advise you on patent prosecution before the Czech, European and foreign patent offices, including arguing in favour of the patentability of your invention and researching the state of the art in specialized databases of patent and non-patent literature. He is not afraid to cooperate with clients in potential patent disputes. He will also put his enthusiasm for learning foreign languages to good use for you and communicates fluently with clients, patent offices or patent attorneys around the world in English, German or French in addition to Czech and Slovak.

Professional Authorization

Czech patent attorney

Years of Practice

Patent attorney since 2022
Patent attorney assistant since 2014


Protection of inventions (patents, utility models), prior art searches


Slovak, Czech, English, German, French

Membership in professional organizations:

Czech Chamber of Patent Attorneys


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