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Dušan Kendereški

Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Trade Marks and Designs Attorney

Mr. Kendereški was born in Jihlava, Czech Republic, in 1950. He graduated from the Technical University in Brno, Faculty of Electrotechnics. In 1980, he finished his study at Training Institute of the Industrial Property Office in Prague and 1983 at Central Institute of the Industrial Property Office in Moscow. Between 1992-1994 he studied the European patent law at the Centre for International Industrial Property Studies (C.E.I.P.I.) of the Robert Schumann University in Strassbourg.

In 1975-1977, Dušan Kendereški worked as an engineer for Škoda Plzeň, Division of Building of Atomic Power Plants; in 1977-1979 then for Výzkumný ústav elektrických strojů točivých (Research Institute for Electric Rotating Machines), Industrial Property Rights Protection Department, in the area of patents and trade marks. In 1979, he moved to Výzkumný ústav zdravotnické techniky (Research Institute for Sanitary Engineering) where he was drafting patent applications. Later, he became the head of Industrial Property Rights Protection Centre of CHIRANA Concern.

Dušan Kendereški has practiced as patent attorney since 1991 and since 2002, he is a member of Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. He is entitled to represent before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Dušan Kendereški is a member of European Communities Trademark Association (ECTA).

In 1996-2001, he was chairman of Advisory Board of Chamber of Patent Attorneys. Nowadays, he is an examiner for patent bar exam..

Dušan Kendereški is an author of several scientific articles dealing with patent information.